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a New Age Business Model

We believe businesses should be owned in part by the users who make businesses what they are. A product or service is not enough. Users, customers, consumers or whatever you may call buyers of goods and services deserve growth as a result of their critical actions. EQUITY.

Our immediate goal as a public benefit corporation is to design and produce useful & affordable public safety products and mobile accessories which will open the door to the business model described above.

We can't legally do the above until after our equity crowdfunding raise scheduled for mid 2020 but we can certainly discuss it as it is within our corporate charter.

Imagine the benefits to society if everyday people were actual stakeholders in the businesses that they supported.  In fact, the consumer is the most critical part of ANY commerce equation.  The time has come because technology has harnessed the power of big data.  Therefore, things that used to be immeasurable are now measurable, so give the people what they deserve - EQUITY. 

a Founding Member of Relative Growth Incubators

FunctionalFirst is a founding member of Relative Growth Incubators (RGI). RGI's mission is to incubate new age business models that enable relative growth for the people who make businesses what they are. 

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You will find instructional videos for all of our FunctionalFirst products on our youtube channel:  POWERMOUNTS

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